It’s been really hard to get in a groove of quality blogging. Everything kind of happened at once when I started this endeavor and my plate is full, as they say. Better than not, right?

Another hold up is deciding what I should start with. Do I blog about this subject, or that one first? What should come next? Then I realized it doesn’t matter. I just need to get started. That’s the hardest part. Put one foot in front of the other and go and keep going.

I also realized that I’m not creating a curriculum. No step by step how to course. That is way to involved to be involved in at this point. The general idea in the first place was to give insight to my process as a Producer/Engineer and Songwriter, etc.  If I provide any helpful tips, tricks, or contribute to someones knowledge base regarding making records, or just confirm what you already heard elsewhere – then okay, all good. I’m really selling myself and my services here, not actually instructing others in how to do this. There’s plenty of quality instruction out there for that, although I’m always happy to help. The successful Producer/Engineer Dave Pensado I think, said it best – “what you’re really selecting when you choose a producer is their personality and their perspective, rather than their technical skills, more than anything else”. Or something to that effect.

This is very true. Isn’t that why you select anyone for anything? It’s how that particular person does it, opposed to another. Getting the knowledge and technical skills are actually the easy part. The producer’s unique approach and perspective is what it’s really all about. That is what makes one successful big name producer or engineer different from the next – Personality, perspective and their unique experiences. They’ve both got the technical skills and knowledge, but their records sound vastly different. They each have “their” sound and you either like it or you don’t. This is art, not math. Well, there you go . . .

So with all that in mind, we begin.

I will now blog freely about whatever topic is on my mind at the time, no particular order. If you get something useful out of it, then great. If not, we move on to the next one. In the process, you get to know this Producer / Engineer and if what I do and the way I do it matches what you are looking for at a particular moment in time, then maybe we are a match to work together. Some blogs will be eloquently worded and thought out, others won’t. Most will probably be stream of conscious ramblings, but hey, this is a fast moving life. No time for looking back. Not always time to worry about proper grammar, punctuation or spelling. Sometimes, you just need to get it out. Get the point across and go.

If I fall – Dust me off and wish me luck because I’m already on my way. I’ll fail and I’ll succeed – That’s life.


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