Latest news: 04-05-2018

Welcome friends!

Things are finally up, running and off to a great start here at BSP.

Aside from the new clients we’ve been mixing and mastering demo tracks for thus far, our very own ‘Walking Tall’ is finishing up the recording of their next record here. Produced and Engineered by Bret and Co-Produced and Engineered by James Tuttle – Bret will be Mixing the record in early May. The first single “These Are The Good Times”, written by Bret, James and hit songwriter Andre Pessis (13 Platinum, 1 Diamond and 4 ASCAP awards to his credit, etc.), will be released sometime this summer.

The album ‘Walking Tall – Life Happens Here’ will be released this fall.

‘Walking Tall’ is: Bret Santti (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano), James Tuttle (Lead Vocals, Guitars) and Band.

The record has been performed entirely by Bret and James, including instruments not mentioned above, with a few select appearances from friends¬† – Brian Roach (Bass) and Mike Walter (drums). No auto tune, no virtual instruments. All real performances. You’ve never heard ‘Walking Tall’ until you’ve heard this record. All original, all new songs.¬† Classic rock for a new generation. . .

There are several other full album productions and album mixes and masters coming on the calendar, so stay tuned for announcements on those projects.

Check back here often for the latest news on BSP and all related projects. Also, check the Producer’s Blog at this site weekly for Bret’s latest insights and musings . . .