• Music Production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Studio Session Work
  • Songwriting


Music Production:

As your Producer, we will oversee all of the creative and technical aspects of your project. Guiding you from Pre-Production, Tracking and (If desired) Mixing and Mastering – Giving you a Major Label Quality and Radio Ready final product that reflects what you’re all about.

BSP Studios itself is a private Overdub / Mixing / Mastering facility only. For full Album Production we track off site for basic tracks and certain overdubs, then on site (BSP Studios) for further overdubs, editing, mixing and mastering.



Already recorded your album, or tracks and just need it Mixed?

No problem! BSP is a fully functional and experienced Mixing Facility.

You send us your tracks via Internet upload and we’ll take care of the rest.¬† 100% satisfaction guarantee!

This is a wise option if you’ve been slaving away at creating your masterpiece and need some fresh ears and skills to bring it home across the finish line. A different perspective at this point in the process oftentimes is the difference maker.

Provided you got the recording process right (No, you can’t just fix it in the mix!), BSP can give you the mix that sets you apart from the rest of the pack. We can edit your tracks, fine tune the tones and do a fully automated mix using state of the art equipment and techniques.



Got Mastering?

This step in the process is vitally important – An album is not an actual album, radio ready, or commercially viable without this step. A new and fresh perspective at this point in the game is never a bad thing either. We can give your recordings that undeniably finished sound that is up to commercially accepted standards. Simply send us your two track stereo mixes and we can Master and/or Re-Master your project.


Studio Session Work:

Need instruments and parts added to your recording?

We got you covered.

We can provide  РElectric Lead & Rhythm Guitars / Acoustic Guitars / Bass Guitar/ Lead Vocals / Harmony Vocals / Organ / Piano / Keyboards / String and Orchestral arrangements / Drums / Percussion, etc.

Pretty much any instrument you need. If we can’t play it, we have friends that can. Seasoned, professional musicians who will contribute the right part and performance that your project requires. Only The Best!

Send us a rough stereo mix of the material you’re working on and a detailed description of what you’d like and we’ll get busy writing and recording the part until you are satisfied with the result.



Need better song arrangements, or song writing advice? We provide our clients this service free of charge and will work with you to make your songs the very best that they can be.

If you hire us to Produce your project we’ll co-write songs with you, or even write songs ourselves specifically for your project.