Finally, Out today! The remixed and remastered version of Walking Tall’s “Life Happens Here” Album.

‘BSP’ Is proud to put our name behind this remix and remaster. The original version was rushed due to Management, Label, and Tour pressures. Bret had to Mix the record in the new Studio and hadn’t yet gotten acclimated to the room. It was mixed in just five days total, resulting in a disappointing release for ‘Walking Tall’ and ‘BSP’.

Rushed and disappointing as it was – it still got ‘Walking Tall’ a major label deal offer and did fairly well considering. Then Covid-19 hit and everything halted. The tour was cancelled, Management was fired and the label deal turned down. Bret and James saw this as a blessing in disguise. A chance to step back, re-group and re-emerge with the release that was intended. While at it – They wrote and recorded to new additions to the record – “It’s All About Love” and “Every Day”.

This time around, Bret was able to give the album a proper mix. Taking the time needed and being fully acclimated to the room now. He also took the time to sift through all the tracks and find alternate takes to use on various songs throughout that didn’t appear on the original. To say the new version is improved would be a gross understatement! This re-release is one we stand behind 1000%

Re-mix Produced by: Bret Santti

Co-Produced by: James Tuttle.

Re – Mixed at BSP Studios. Elk Grove, CA

Re-Mixed by: Bret Santti.

A ‘BSP’ Production

Diginetic Records / Walking Tall Media & Entertainment.