Hello, I am Bret Santti and I am the owner of this company and studio. I am a Record Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix and Mastering Engineer, Songwriter, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Entertainer. I’m also an experienced Businessman and Entrepreneur. I’m an insatiable learner and lifelong music enthusiast in every way, shape and form. A lover of great songs, recordings and performances of all kinds. The art of the album and everything that goes into it. The whole creative process from the technical, to the artistic, all the way down to the business of it itself. I have been deeply involved with every aspect my whole life.

My personality type, or disability as some would call it – Has never afforded me the ability to settle on one aspect of my passion for it all. If there is one indisputable truth I’ve learned in life it’s that our only limitations are what we put on ourselves, I choose to have none. Some would like to pin you down to one thing, but you cannot focus too much on what other people think. At the end of the day, the only one you have to live with and answer to is yourself.

Success can only be defined by what it means to the individual. Success is your happiness and contentment in life, not a particular income level, or public fame. I am what I am and I do what I do regardless of those so called barometers of acceptable success. Those things are but a mere symptom of, not a cause and either way – I remain the same. So I’ve also learned to not focus so much on the peripherals. It’s very true that life is a journey and not a destination. The road of success is one and the same. There’s ups, downs, ebbs and flows. If you fall, you get up, dust yourself off and go again. As long as I’m in pursuit of all my passions, then I’m succeeding.

My legacy will only be what I’ve done, created and left behind – to whomever it may concern. All I’ll take away (if I’m lucky) is the knowledge, memories and thought that hopefully, I touched someone with what I did with those passions. Or perhaps just an example to be observed.

I actually started this company, website and social media pages awhile ago and did absolutely nothing with it. With 36 plus years of knowledge and experience and a million ideas, the big question was well – “Where do I start”? “What comes first”? Then there’s the time management factor. I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m gonna have to just jump in and do something!

So this what this is –

The main purpose of this website, blog, etc., is of course to sell you one or more of my services.

After reaching a certain point doing these things for so long, primarily for myself and my own music career and momentum. I have had the growing desire to Produce other artist’ and if I really believe in something then I’ll take it on. A fully functional studio, BSP is not an open to the public studio in the traditional sense. I may or may not open it up in the future like that, but for now, other than my own records – it will be a Mixing and Mastering Facility. If I’m Producing someone I’ll also use it for all overdubs, while doing basic tracks elsewhere. This way I can keep it a bit more intimate and private, which is how I like to work.

I will still focus on my own musical career as always, but this new endeavor will allow me to work on other styles that I love as well, as I’m obviously limited from within the confines of what I do as an artist myself. Just because one plays a particular role as an artist doesn’t mean that that’s all they’re about, or all they are extremely good at.

In addition – it’s yet another outlet for me to express myself. My philosophies, opinions, knowledge and appreciation of all things music and lastly, to also maybe entertain you a little in the process.

So here, you will find all the services I currently offer which will undoubtedly expand, or consolidate with time.

There will be articles on various related topics. News on everything from my own music, to other projects we’re working on here to Industry and product news. Artist’ spotlights and album reviews and even the occasional Interview. There are also plans for a future Podcast series and Videos.

What we do here will not be a how to DIY with tutorials and all that. It will be about how I like to do things – Providing my unique Perspective and Approach so a prospective client can get to know what I’m about and how that may best serve them.

One thing is for sure. After awhile, if you do choose to use one of my services – You will know exactly why. You’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect and the quality of service and attention to detail that you will receive.

If you happen to like the way I think and approach things, as well as being convinced I have the skills and expertise to deliver you a superior product, or if nothing else – something real and different, then maybe we’ll meet and work together sometime.

As things unfold and develop I hope that you will find things of use and interest here at BSP (Bret Santti Productions) and that ultimately, we can help your product be the best that it can be.

In the meantime,

Enjoy and thank you for visiting friends,