A new company founded by Bret Santti – A Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Publisher, Entrepreneur.
With a career in the Music Business that started professionally well over 35 years ago, Bret developed remarkable skills in many different areas of the business. This is what helps separate this company from many others like it. The knowledge, experience, talent and creativity in all aspects of the business that combined, will help make any product stand out above the rest.
Bret began his career and studio education recording and learning the art of Album Production in Multi-Platinum award winning studios, working on multiple synched 2″ Tape Machines and Analogue Equipment. Over the next three and a half decades while gaining skills in Production, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting and Arrangement, he also mastered various musical Instruments and a full Music Business Education.
In the 90’s he founded and ran an Industry wide recognized management company that worked behind the scenes with every major and minor record label in existence at that time and many legendary names in the business, including top label executives (Presidents, CEO’s, A&R), attorneys, managers and artist’. ┬áHe even once employed legendary music Industry A&R Executive Don Grierson. He has also written with major hit songwriters and has been asked to audition for, or join various big name acts as a Guitarist and/or Singer.
Most of his recording career has been spent Producing his own projects in the analogue domain. Within the last decade he has moved into the digital realm, built a studio and is now interested in using his education and skills working on other peoples projects as well.
BSP is a fully functioning recording studio capable of Producing full Major Label / Radio quality Albums and Singles, though currently we are only offering Mixing and Mastering to the public. Bret Santti is always available to hire as a Producer for your Album Project, Single, or Demos if he likes what you have to offer Musically and Artistically.